Does SEO Really Work?2020-04-01T17:08:03+00:00

YES. If you want your website to rise to the top then you do need some SEO. In our honest opinion times have changed greatly and there are some other things that need to be addressed before you even look at SEO. You need a Google business listing firstly as this will get you to the top of Google and of course for free. This is a real no-brainer and we will do this for you when you have a website created by us for you. Also having yoru websites url posted all across your social media is essential to bring in traffic. Our SEO basically consists of a descent amount of regular high domain authority backlinks and article posting.

How Much Does Leaflet Design Cost?2020-04-01T17:03:34+00:00

Leaflet design costs from just £59 and we will provide you with all of the files that you will need for it (all Vista Print ready). We turn around most designs in just 48 hours after you tell us what you want. We can design all aspects and these designs can be converted to large poster sizes at no extra cost.

Where Is My Site Hosted?2020-04-01T16:57:12+00:00

All of our sites are hosted in Manchester UK in a state-of-the-art datacentre. We only use solid state and so access will be lightning fast even on shared hosting packages. All of our standard packages are hosted via a shared hosting platform on our servers. If you wish to upgrade at any time then you can go upwards to either a Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated Server. If you wish to leave us, then you can do so at any time and we do not charge for this, in fact we will even help you as best we can!

How Long Will It Take to Get a Logo?2020-04-01T16:51:35+00:00

We turn around most logo designs in 78 hours. This process starts as soon as you purchase. We will ask you to send us all of your ideas and colour choices and then we will begin work.

What Is Avada?2020-04-01T16:45:52+00:00

Avada is the theme that you are looking at right now. It is one of the most used themes n WordPress and it is the theme that we code around 30% of the websites that we create for people. When you order a website from us we will firstly ask just what you are wanting design wise. If you are wanting a standard template website, then we can deliver you a Avada themed website that will make your site look similar to ours. We can deliver this to you from just £139 9including domain and hosting for teh year).

Click Here to see some examples of Avada themed websites

Is WordPress Easy to Use?2020-04-01T16:41:20+00:00

YES. WordPress is easy to use. Roughly half of the worlds websites now run on this great technology. It makes sense for us to build sites in WordPress and it also makes sense for the sites owner to be able to easily update images and text on their own website using WordPress in the future.